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Weight-Height in & Athletes Meeting


Registration – Friday, July 9th

Empress Theatre

(25-35) people max per segment)

  • Competitors & J&H Staff will enter through the Empress Theatre Entrance leading inside from Robinson Court. *Please refer to Sketch Plan F – Level 2 Empress Room* – Temperature readings will apply and you will be required to fill out a mandatory sheet provided by the Capitol for Contact Tracing Purposes
  • We will set up the room from 3-5 pm with Table Stations. During set-up, 25 boxes will be constructed with Tape – Dimensions – each square will be 2 m apart.  25 Chairs will be placed inside the squares.  The chairs will be facing away from one another. *This is pre-preparation for the show day event*
  • Proper floor markings will be placed to ensure every competitor adheres to social distancing between each station.
  • There will be floor decals placed on the floor in the Empress Registration area to ensure all competitors or staff stay 2 meters apart.
  • As the athlete’s enter, they will proceed to Station 1 followed by Station 2, Station 3, Station 4, Station 5, Station 6, Station 7, etc. and leave the building. Assembly Line Process.


  • Face Coverings: Due to COVID 19 restrictions, Face Coverings must be worn at all times by Competitors & Staff.  All athletes attending registration must wear a face mask when entering the building.  CPA Face Coverings will be available at the entrance for purchase.  The cost is $10/mask or you may wear your own.  Face Coverings must also be be worn in settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Once seated in the theatre area, you may remove your mask until the athlete meeting commences. 
  • Athletes must comply with hygiene measures, sanitization and must minimize face to face contact as much as possible.
  • The registration process will be done in 2 Groups:


  • 5:00 pm to 6:30 pmMen’s Bodybuilding, Gladiators, Classic, Men’s Physique & Women’s Physique
    • After each competitor is registered, Group 1 Competitors will exit through the Empress Theatre Entrance leading outside into Robinson Court


  • 6:30 pm to 8:00 pmFigure, Wellness & Bikini
    • After each competitor is registered, Group 1 Competitors will exit through the Empress Theatre Entrance leading outside into Robinson Court



  • All COVID Regulations & Show information will be printed and readily available for any athlete including the arrival and departure times, on deck times, on stage times, etc for the morning and evening show and the line-up of classes. All athletes will have numbers assigned at registration and will pick up their buttons when they register.
  • Suits: The CPA does inspect suits. Please wear your suit to Registration. This includes ALL disciplines. Any suit that is not of good taste and decency or is simply too skimpy should not be worn.
  • Shoes: Although there are no restrictions on shoes, we try to guide the athletes to stay away from the higher platform type shoe simply because they are very difficult to walk in and are somewhat distracting. Use common sense.


Station 1: COVID Checklist & Form / Check-In for Registration: All competitors must fill out a mandatory COVID form when entering the Empress Centre.  As well, please ensure you are a member of the Canadian Physique Alliance & have your CPA Membership Card with you or on your phone for verification. If you are not a member you must purchase one online before advancing to Station 2.  ID must be provided for verification of identity and date of birth (i.e. Driver’s License or Birth Certificate/Picture ID). You, the athlete, will get a sheet with your classes and information along with a liability form on the back you must sign. After signature, proceed to the Height and Weight Station.

Station 2 – Height/Weight StationAthletes will pass their sheet to the CPA officials and will be directed where to go in order to be heighted or weighed.  The information will be recorded on your form. Suit checks will be conducted for all athletes here, please wear your suits under your clothing. Bring your form next station.

Station 3 – Verification & Buttons: Pass your paper to the head registration table for data entry, indicate if changes were made at Station 2 or if you wish to add and pay for an extra class. Pick up your competitor button. It is worn on the left hip. One button is used over multiple divisions. Bikini competitors may wear their button on either the left or right hip. 

Station 4 – Music & General Information: You may contact Heather at for your music link to upload your routine or as a last resort you may drop off your Music at Registration for (Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Physique & Women’s Physique only).  Music must be on a USB FLASH DRIVE by itself and music must be cut.


Disciplines have 60 seconds for their routines.  **Please indicate at registration whether the music piece starts on or off stage.

Take a small ziplock bag (these will be provided) and put your name & button # and indicate (on or offstage).

The use of profane, vulgar and offensive language is strictly prohibited in all posing and routine music and

it must be cut at 60 seconds. If you are in Bodybuilding & Classic Physique you must do (2) posing routines for both disciplines. 

You will only pose once in your first class you compete in (in whatever discipline you are competing in).

Station 5 – Photography: To purchase stage or backstage photography, the official photographers will be set up at the registration table taking orders. Competitors can pay for photos at registration.

Station 6 – Gift Bags: Pick up a competitor gift bag.

After this process is completed for each competitor, you are not permitted to hang around,

please leave the registration area immediately and exit through the same stairwell leading down to Robinson Court


Floor Plan & Stations Layout